From hookahs intricately carved of aerospace metals and fine woods to those of hand blown glass, our customers know they are receiving the highest quality available in the hookah market. By using new, innovative products and the finest tobacco, our customers receive a smoking experience like no other. Customers frequently favor our unique tea blends imported from around the world and our locally roasted coffee. Ember's ambience is modern, minimal featuring Italian leather button-tufted banquettes and reclaimed wood.

The Lounge Floor


The signature of any hookah lounge is the hookahs they source. Since day one, we have been dedicated to providing the highest in quality. Our selections include American-made and Russian-imported hookahs.

Two of our Art Hookah signature blends - Pulp Fiction & Beach Bum.

Two of our Art Hookah signature blends - Pulp Fiction & Beach Bum.


Our Russian-imported hand-blown glass hookahs not only turn heads with their intrinsic beauty, but their seer smoke quality. We present the hookah with a base filled with ice, various fruit combinations, and the best tobacco the world has to offer.


Hookah is not complete without a cup of tea. Thus, we have gone to great efforts to source unique teas from around the world. Ranging from a fruity Green or Hibiscus to a a sweet Oolong or Puerh each comes in an individual pot for two.

Single and Double American-made hookahs

Single and Double American-made hookahs


Our American-made hookahs are composed of aerospace aluminum and unique woods. Every selection includes a specially crafted glass and silicone bowl with a heat management system that ensures a smooth smoke for hours on end.


Our coffee is locally sourced through Ink! Coffee and freshly ground just days before serving. A light Peruvian or dark Sumatra blend stimulates the tastebuds and is served in an individual pot for two.